My service is completely confidential and will be tailored to your specific needs. We concentrate on the areas of your business that are not working as effectively as they could and look at how improvements can be made. We will look at your corporate structure and identify any areas that need developing and we will look at your work life balance to ensure that you are operating to your strengths.


Charlotte Burton

"I work most effectively with company owners or managers who have been running their businesses successfully by working hard and who feel that they need business support and advice from someone with a proven construction industry background.

I offer perspective, an independent view and a ‘Channel Framework Toolkit’ that provides a flexible model for growth.

The process starts with using my ‘Channel Handbook’ where we review the processes that make your company work and the methods you have in place to ensure you stay up to date with health and safety legislation. We check balance sheets and highlight financial areas of concern and review costs to see if there are any realistic savings we can make."

If you would like to have an initial chat about how my services can help your construction business thrive contact me on 07977 220331 or email